Project Brief

Award winning cork supplier and glass supplier in Santa Rosa, California.




Branding Strategy



Interior Design – Branding

Editorial Photography


Art Direction

Vanessa Villarreal

Brand Strategy

Simone Bessa


• Lack of brand identity and personality in the company’s inside space.
• Outdated and generic interior design.
• Need to tell the cork industry story to create an emotional connection with the client, and informe prospects the steps of the cork production.


Branding that represents the soul of the company, cork. A visual story of the cork’s journey from it’s origins all the way to the end consumer.

Brand Colors

  • Charcoal
  • Red
  • Raven Black


The main identity of this website was created based on easy to navigate site.  Based on our UX-UI we incorporated the history of the product as the main focus of the content.  Then we added the technical information as an informational addition to it.  We wanted to stay away from selling, just presenting the attention to quality of the product.


In the design of the business card, we contrasted with the black to give it a more luxurious feel.  The company target consumers are high end wineries.

Interior Design Branding 

The project scope of the interior included customization of shelves to display the company’s products. The main idea behind the interior branding was to surround the visitor with a visual story throughout the company’s interior.  We customized editorial photography of the cork forest to make the visit an informative one as well.

Brand Strategist  / Simone Bessa

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Project Director / Vanessa Villarreal

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