Project Brief

Chocolate Soldier is a wine label originally created for a private wine collection. As a wine aficionado, being in the wine industry, he wanted to reflect a personalized and stylish approach to this wine project.


Winery, Sonoma.

Project Type:

Brand Strategy, Concept, Logo, Label design and print.


For this project, we focused on a personal concept for the wine label. For this was the clients personal project which was reflected in the whole product identity.


We worked together in building a strategy to arrive at a cohesive concept about the brand of the wine. After the strategy assessment, we came to a conclusion about personifying the brand.We attached history go the label, the winemaker’s mother had just passed away and we remember her with the name “Chocolate Soldier” as she would call him as a child. His British background is portrayed in the union jack image in the middle. The cork has the winemakers signature to reinforce the personal touch.

Brand Colors

  • Royal Blue
  • White
  • Dark Red



The Typography was very a key design element in this project, for it was to remain a simple and clean look with a traditional British font that aligned with the British theme.