As one of the top-selling brands on Amazon, Nora Ross offers natural vitamins, hair care, and skincare products at an affordable price. Nora Ross partnered with The Strategy Central to refresh their packaging and brand assets. The Strategy Central developed a brand system that can be applied to packaging across multiple product lines.


Nora Ross – Haircare

Scope of Work

Research & Strategy

Logotype Refresh

Shampoo Packaging Design

Vitamins Packaging Design


20 Dec 2016


• Garlic as the main ingredient for shampoo and conditioner.
• Outdated look.
• Abandon treatment positioning and reach a new market: the beauty industry.
• Brand perception. Product seeing as a discount shampoo.


Garlic is what makes these products hairline a success within their audience, so the packaging goal is to communicate their chamomile scent and the fact that the garlic extract is unscented.

The modern and elegant look elevates the brand, that is positioned now as a high-quality beauty product, with great value to their customers.

Brand Colors

We carefully researched to colors that would resonate to the audience we were targeting.  The importance of colors is that they create a connection with the client.

  • Aubergine
  • Ballet Pink